The Van Buren Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce its new partnership with the Van Buren Farmer’s Market, located at the corner of Sycamore Street and John Street, behind the old Courthouse. This seasonal market is a beloved tradition in our community and we are thrilled to work with the vendors to bring fresh, locally sourced produce and goods to our residents and visitors alike.

The Farmer’s Market offers a wide variety of products from local farmers and artisans, ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to artisan crafts and woodwork. Among the most popular vendors are the Cowboy Cookie and Creative Delights. The Cowboy Cookie is a charming horse trailer turned cook shack that serves up fresh beef, coffee, and burgers, while Creative Delights offers a range of fresh baked breads, cookies, and desserts that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

We are excited to partner with the Farmer’s Market to support local businesses and promote economic growth in our community. By bringing together the community and local businesses, we hope to create a vibrant and thriving local economy.

The partnership between the Van Buren Chamber of Commerce and the Farmer’s Market will provide a platform for vendors to showcase their products and connect with customers, while also offering residents and visitors a unique shopping experience. We encourage everyone to come out and support our local farmers and artisans, and to enjoy the fresh produce and goods that our community has to offer.

We hope that this partnership will foster a greater sense of community and support for local businesses. By working together, we can help ensure that Van Buren remains a vibrant and prosperous place to live, work, and play.

The Van Buren Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday seasonally starting on the first weekend in May. The season finishes in October.

For more information on the Farmer’s Market, please contact Crystal Johnson at 573-842-8676

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